Based in Omotesando,

The most fashionable town in Tokyo.

Established in 1991, For 33 Years.

Conducting various market research.


For 33 years since its establishment in 1991, our company Talk Eye, based in Omotesando, has conducted marketing research for clients in a wide range of industries, including toiletries, cosmetics, food, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, finance, housing, IT, TV stations, and advertising agencies.

Our research includes consumer understanding, new product concept development, advertising testing, package testing, usability testing, and a wide variety of other areas.

TalkEye’s specialties lie in Opportunity Sampling.

Opportunity sampling provides our clients with deep insights that panel surveys cannot.

What We Offer: Interview surveys of all kinds, and more

Talk Eye provides marketing research using a variety of methods, but our specialty is various types of interviews.

Talk Eye’s interview room is a three-minute walk from Omotesando Station. Located in a residential area just a short walk around the corner from the Apple Store Omotesando. A special facility where group and individual interviews in off-line and on-line can be conducted.

Group interviews are conducted and broadcast live online to clients’ terminals using five video cameras. Movable tables allow interviews to be conducted in a variety of configurations to suit the survey design. Display cabinets and kitchens are also available.

All of the following research can be conducted online, offline, or as a hybrid.

Qualitative Market Research


This is a one-on-one interview.

It includes defining interview objectives, survey design, subject recruitment, question design, pre-interview preparation (e.g., provision and collection of trial product), venue set-up, broadcast operation, and deliverables preparation.

Deliverables include a stenographic record of the informant’s speech, a video of the interviews, and an analytical report.

Examples of Interview Surveys
  • Parent and child interview about toys
  • Senior interviews about soups
  • Expert interviews about seniors
  • Expert interview on understanding Generation Z
  • Teacher interview regarding school trips abroad
  • Interview with truck leasing
  • Interview with patissier
  • Luxury hotels and inns interview survey
  • Feasibility study to attract a waste disposal site – survey

Group Interviews

Up to about 8 persons can be interviewed in our interview room. The layout of the interview room is changed each time to best suit the research theme.

We select the most suitable person for the theme from several experienced moderators registered with Talk Eye.

Interview Room in Talk Eye HQ

In-Depth Interview

In-depth interviews with a small number of subjects (one to three).

One-on-one interviews can be conducted with three lines at the same time.

Online interviews are also available.

Online interview

Various types of interviews can be conducted online. You can also participate via Teams, Zoom, or any other online conferencing tool of your choice. Our operator will broadcast the interview from a relay room in Talk Eye’s headquarters. Messages from the observer to the moderator, such as additional questions, will be communicated from the relay room via chat.

Advantages of online interviews include

  • By using an online broadcast, the interviewee can concentrate on answering the interview questions without feeling the presence of the observer.
  • There is no need to worry about participants being able to see the interactions between observers during the interview

Product Testing

Shelf Survey

This survey is designed to find out how shop visitors react to a situation that simulates a store shelf.

Two permanent shelves are set up in the interview room at our headquarters. Shelf surveys in combination with various types of interviews can be conducted flexibly.

Home Use Test

This is a survey in which test products are actually used in the cooperator’s home. Talk Eye can accommodate short survey schedules and small test quantities. We are also available to prepare the test products, including labeling and weighing.

Of course, Talk Eye will take responsibility for collecting the test items. We can also prepare, collect, and tabulate questionnaires.

Shop-Along Survey

Shop-Along is a research method in which survey participants are asked to actually select and buy items in a store, and their impressions are analyzed. It is used to learn about store layout, navigation, fixture design, response to in-store campaign advertising, and brand awareness.

In Talk Eye’s shop-along survey, the interview venue is set up near the store being surveyed. Sometimes an automobile is used as the interview venue. We can also broadcast the interviews online to the clients.

Home Visit Survey

This is a survey method to collect data by observing the behavior of survey targets in their homes and the conditions in their homes.

We conduct surveys by recruiting survey targets using the kinship method or by utilizing our monitors.

We can also have them come to our head office to observe their behavior.

Marketing Research Online Community(MROC) Survey

MROC (Marketing Research Online Community) is a research method that builds an online community for market research on the Internet, gathers consumers, and analyzes conversations among them. Unlike traditional group interviews, asynchronous online communication has the advantage of not being limited by time or space.

In addition, while traditional group interviews are based on having participants answer the interviewer’s questions in order, MROC is based on observing the free exchange among participants.

We can handle everything from community generation to operational management using our own recruiting and customer panels.

Note: This survey will use external online platform.

Panelization of consumers in Japan and/or Japanese Speakers

A research method in which a panel of consumers is created in order to realize resourceful and rapid research. By building a qualitative panel, we can think together with consumers about everything from concept creation to product acceptance.

It is also possible to build a panel of clients’ customers and manage the operation of the panel. Talk Eye has rich experience in building qualitative panels as follows.

  • Operation, management, and survey implementation of customer panels of cosmetic brand users
  • MROC of registered users of sports brand website
  • Quantitative and qualitative research on members of luxury hotels
  • Qualitative research from consumer electronics registration cards

Quantitative Market Research

We can onduct quantitative surveys such as questionnaires in Japan or in the Japanese-speaking community. We provide services from survey design to actual survey management, tabulation, and reporting.

Recruiting informants

Pre-Seniors, Seniors, and High Seniors

Today, approximately one in four Japanese citizens is over 65 years old. Talk Eye can access that volume zone. Talk Eye can also access seniors over 75 years old, who are generally considered difficult to recruit.

We also support online interviews to them.

Foreigners in Japan

By recruiting foreigners staying in Japan, you can gain insight into various markets include global and inbound markets. Talk Eye can recruit them regardless of nationality or ethnicity, such as Asian, European, or American.

We can recruit based on a variety of criteria such as length of stay in Japan, level of Japanese language skills, etc.

Children, Students, and Parents

We can recruit preschoolers, elementary school students, junior high and high school students, and college students, and their parents.

By taking advantage of our network, we can conduct surveys of young people who are difficult to recruit through the Web. We can also conduct parent-child interviews and home visits online and off-line.

Themes and categories of research we have conducted

Product Categories

Beverages and alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, hygiene products, food and supplements, pet food, electrical products, web applications, financial services, TV programs, etc.


Consumer Services
  • Web Usability for Financial Services
  • Food Delivery
  • Lifestyle Support Services
  • Health Management Apps
  • Travel Services
Legal Department Research
  • Checking of Exaggerated advertising
Research Department
  • Measuring temperature changes in the house
  • Measurement of physical fitness of seniors
  • Verification of effectiveness of oral care
  • Collection of body odor bacteria
Social issues
  • Impact of School Closures on the Corona Disaster
  • Use of early childhood TV programs
  • Inter-city comparison on LGBT issues
  • Creating a manual to identify needs for establishing evening middle schools
  • Parasports content evaluation by asking people with disabilities

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